DMN Exclusive Review
Premiere 6: Thundering Hoof Beats
by Anthony Wood

Standard of the Industry Gets Even Better

Over the years Adobe Premiere has become a standard in digital non-linear editing software for the desktop producer. What started as a cute novelty program for editing jittery, postage stamp sized clips has evolved into a robust system for the production of everything from videos for CD-ROMs and kiosks, to broadcast commercials, documentaries and feature length programs. Adobe has always ensured that Premiere would evolve along with the demands of changing technology.

With versions 5.0 and 5.1, Premiere aimed squarely at those of us producing full screen, broadcast quality videos, commercials and long-form projects. We were able to edit digital video captured from the new DV and DVCam camcorders through the digital IEEE 1394 or "FireWire" ports attached to a variety of PC capture cards that flooded the market in the late 90s. It was pure digital heaven.

But this new millenium demands video, not only for our televisions, but for the wide open world of the internet, which provides a broadcast outlet for millions of producers globally. With Premiere 6.0 Adobe has stepped forward to meet those demands.

Although much of the interface remains intact, there are some welcome changes. Immediately upon opening the program we are asked to choose between an A/B style edit timeline, or the single track interface for those more accustomed to editing with programs like Avid's Media Composer (Fig.1). A nice option. The lower left corner of the Timeline also contains new buttons for quick access to new and frequently used Timeline features such as Track Options Dialog, Toggle Snap to Edges, Toggle Edge Viewing, Toggle Shift Tracks Options, and Toggle Sync Mode. You can also use the Track Options Dialog button at the bottom of the window to open the Track Options dialog box and quickly add one or more video or audio tracks. Very handy.
Fig. 1: When you first open Premiere 6, you are asked to choose between an A/B style edit timeline, or the single track interface

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