Great DV Shootout 2002
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Alex Katoaka, Canopus
"Canopus DVStorm - When Real time Means Real time
"The Canopus DVStorm is a real time DV editing solution in a class of its own delivering more real time features, higher video quality and greater stability than the RT2500 and Pro-ONE. DVStorm uses the Canopus DV codec to deliver real time DV output, three streams of real time video playback in Premiere (compared to two streams on the other systems) and up to 10 title/graphic tracks with individual moving path and attributes applied to each track.

Click For QuickTime Movie
Here's a segment edited on the DVStorm, where at one point (the white section, where there's a stencil effect underneath that's not really visible in this QT example) there are 14 layers executed in real time. Click image for a QuickTime movie.
Click for demo of DV Storm chromakey and real time layering
In this short segment, notice how clean DV Storm's real time chromakey effect looks Click image for a QuickTime movie.
Click for QT Movie
Would you actually use this effect in a production? Hope not. Click image for a QuickTime movie.
"To deliver the highest image quality, DVStorm processes real time effects in YUV format, the native color space of DV, with 4:2:2 sampling. Other systems process filters in RGB format which can result in inferior image quality.

"DVStorm's 24 DV-optimized real time filters are practical to everyday editors. Color correction, Old Movie ("film-look"), Slow Motion, Chroma key, Luma key, Picture-In-Picture, and Soft Focus are filters many editors use repeatedly throughout their productions. These effects, often applied to entire clips, can take minutes or even hours to process on other systems.

"Built using scalable technology, DVStorm offers speed and performance improvements as CPU power increases. In addition, DVStorm has been applauded for delivering tight and stable integration with Premiere and includes StormEdit editing software for quick and easy real time editing."

Charlie's Comments:
I didn't see higher video quality with the DV Storm, even though it does process real time effects in YUV color space with 4:2:2 sampling. That's because Matrox's RT2500 uses highly refined digital filtering and hardware-assisted antialiasing that make its video look better than it would otherwise, especially on 3D moves. I agree with Alex's assessment of DV Storm's real time DV output, which worked perfectly for me every time. This is an important feature if your final delivery medium is DV tape, because even though all three of these systems can preview real time effects, DV Storm is the only one that doesn't need to render those effects if you're going back to DV tape when you're finished. If you're playing out to Betacam or VHS (analog) tape for your final productions, never mind this, because all the systems will play back their timelines in real time if your destination is analog tape.

Alex's point about scalable technology is a very important one, too. Processor speeds are increasing so quickly, that the sky's the limit for this DVStorm card. In my testing, I was able to stack up 14 layers in real time with nary a dropped frame, this on a dual processor Athlon 1.2GHz MP machine. Those effects included a pencil sketch filter (you can't really see that in the streaming QuickTime clip here, looks like a white background), a dissolve, and 12 layers of text . But if you have a slow computer, you won't be able to stack 'em up as high as that. Anyway, if you want to edit video, get a fast computer already, okay?

Click for QT Movie
All three systems couldn't produce smooth speed effects. Click image for a QuickTime movie.

The real time chromakey feature is another plus for DVStorm. It's a huge advantage to be able to adjust settings with that real time feedback. The others can't answer that feature, so if you're looking to create chromakeys without rendering, look no further. As for the slow motion, all three of the systems claim to do slow motion, and can actually do it, but if you use any of the results in a real production, I'll kill you.The slow motion effects look so shuttery and nervously jerky, I would consider these effects unsafe at any speed.

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Jeff Maderos, Pinnacle Systems
"Pinnacle Pro-ONE is a professional DV editing and DVD authoring system which incorporates the next generation of non-linear video editing technology. Pro-ONE allows multiple simultaneous real-time video effects at a fraction of the price of equivalent systems. What makes Pro-ONE revolutionary is its Emmy award winning special effects technology which Pinnacle has incorporated in the Pro-ONE software.

"With Pinnacle Pro-ONE, productions are quickly elevated to the broadcast level. Create sophisticated composites with multiple video windows moving in real-time along with animated 3D graphic and textual elements all in real-time.

"Pinnacle Pro-ONE puts powerful real-time DVEs at your fingertips for image correction, image stabilization, scale, zoom, rotate, and speed control.

"Pinnacle Pro-ONE represents the current state-of-the-art in Premiere-based non-linear editing platforms. Pro-ONE's productivity enhancing features include:

  1. Up to 10 simultaneous real time effects
  2. True real time 3D video effects, 3D compositing, and object animations
  3. Professional keyframing tools
  4. Broadcast quality real time speed change
  5. Real time image stabilization

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