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Photoshop Benchmarks
Next, we tested the three machines using Photoshop. Since Vegas Video 3 isn't cross-platform, there wasn't a way to compare the hardware with Macs using that application, so Photoshop was considered a reliable indicator of processor and system speed for content creation.

Photoshop bench 1

This first Photoshop 7 benchmark begins with an image at 640 x 480 (as with all these Photoshop tests). The action sequence went as follows: resize image 200 percent, Gaussian Blur, Craquelure, Emboss, Sharpen More, Despeckle and Ink Outlines.

The next benchmark involves layer styles and transformation. Beginning with the same image, it converts the background to a layer, applies bevel and emboss and satin, rotates the canvas 360 degrees in 90 degree increments and then performs a horizontal and vertical flip of the layer.
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The next test goes into filter effects. In Photoshop, various filters offer radically differing performance. The Gaussian Blur, for example, can take great advantage of the dual processors, while something like Colored Pencil can't. This test resizes the image 500 percent and then applies the following filters: Ink Outlines, Glowing Edges, Tiles, Bas Relief, Lighting Effects, Difference Clouds, Mosaic, Pinch, Colored Pencil, Gaussian Blur and Curves.

The last test consists of a huge string of effects, transformations, text manipulation and adjustments. It goes like this: Convert background to layer; resize image 500 percent; apply Inner Glow; apply Gradient Overlay; make four different adjustment layers (Curves, Gradient Map, Selective Color and Color Balance); make text; set antialias; warp text (arc); warp text (flag); rasterize text; set selection; duplicate; scale 411 percent; save alpha; select inverse; and fill with solid color.

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