Apple and IBM Brass Tout New Mac G5
Top VPs call upcoming 64-bit box "World's Fastest Personal Computer"

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DMN Interview -- Mac G5DMN's Charlie White talked with Apple Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Jon Rubinstein, and IBM's Chekib Akrout, Vice President, PowerPC & Networking Technology Development, Microelectronics Division, about the new Mac G5s introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2003) in San Francisco. Here's DMN's exclusive interview.

DMN: Jon or Chekib, how about giving us the high concept here.

Apple Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering Jon Rubinstein
Rubinstein: The two main events this morning were Mac OS X and the G5. On Mac OS X, we announced the developer release, Panther. That's available today to developers and we'll be shipping that by the end of the year. Panther has over 100 amazing new features. There's a whole list of them -- I'll let you go read about them [at]. For me, personally, I think the coolest one is iChat AV. We've taken that [iChat] paradigm, and added to it so you get basically zero-config conferencing. If you have a modem, you can do audio conferencing, and if you have broadband, either DSL, cable, T1 or Ethernet, you can do video conferencing. It is really, really cool. It's based on industry standards, and it works. It just works. You plug in a FireWire camera and off you go. You don't have to find people -- it works just like iChat does today. We also announced the iSight camera, which is a matching FireWire camera that has both microphone array and an incredible quality camera built into it. It's part of the whole iSight/iChat program. The iSight also comes with stands that allow you to mount the camera to our various products so that instead of looking at the ceiling, the camera looks directly at your face. That was on the software side of things.

On the hardware side of things, our introduction of the world's fastest personal computer -- the first 64-bit desktop machine -- it's just an amazing machine, jointly developed between IBM and Apple, using IBM's latest technologies, and using all the engineering prowess from both companies to make this thing happen.
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DMN: Now, you're saying it's the first 64-bit desktop machine. But isn't there an Opteron dual-processor machine? It shipped on June 4th. BOXX Technologies shipped it. It has an Opteron 244 in it.

Rubinstein: Uh...

Akrout: It's not a desktop.

DMN: That's a desktop unit.

Akrout: It depends on what you call a desktop, now. These… From a full desktop per se, this is the first one. I don't know how you really distinguish the other one as a desktop.

DMN: Well, it's a dual processor desktop machine, just like that one.

Akrout: It's not 64, then.

DMN: Yes, it's a 64-bit machine with two Opteron chips in it. It started shipping June 4th.

Akrout: That we'll double check, but in my mind, it wasn't.

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