Press Release -- Expands to Include Royalty Free Music, Downloads and Films
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Columbus, OH (Jan. 19, 2004) -- Multimedia site SONNYBOO.COM has expanded to add royalty free music for independent moviemakers, as well as several free downloads for screenwriters, producers, directors, and filmmakers. With the release of the very popular online film "License Exam", Sonnyboo Productions has started 2004 off with a loud bang. Also added to the site are several award winning short films, music videos, and other videos.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]The royalty free music downloads are a donation to the public by Sonnyboo impresario Peter John Ross, a former musician turned filmmaker. The tracks are intended to help indie filmmakers from "borrowing", or using copyrighted music illegally.

"Iíve seen too many of my fellow filmmakers lose their best work because they used a song without paying for it", says Peter John Ross, writer/director/producer and an OSU alum. "Along with the free downloads of software and templates, we can help other no budget moviemakers get organized."

Released on January 10th, 2004, the Sonnyboo film "License Exam" and the other Sonnyboo movies have had over 100,000 downloads. "License Exam" is a 16mm short film starring George Caleodis (former Second City cast member), Holly Magnini (Death4Told), Jon Osbeck (Safe Auto commercial, Mann shorts), and Harley Kaplan (Simply Irresistible) has already been awarded "Best Video of the Week" by Internet Video Magazine, and has mentions with the Short Film Insider,, Rewind Video Magazine, and Microcinema Scene. George Caleodis and Jon Osbeck are currently working with the Improv Troupe "Out of Our Heads" and they perform locally. More indfo on OUT OF OUR HEADS

Other Sonnyboo shorts have starred Jack Hourigan, a host on the Food Network, and several of the films have been signed on with Big Film Shorts for worldwide distribution. Big Film Shorts is a film distribution company that specializes in short films, as well as other media and formats. Big Film Shorts is based out of Burbank, CA.

Sonnyboo shorts have either played at or are already selected to play at varying film festivals throughout 2004, including the Sivad Film Festival in Columbus OH, The Wreck-Beach Film Festival in Ontario Canada, the Giggleshorts Short Film Festival in Toronto Canada, The Flicker Film Festival series in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Fairfax, and Paris, France. More festival acceptances to be announced.

About Peter John Ross & Sonnyboo Productions - After being fired from a brokerage job for his film endeavors, Ross has made over 30 movies since 1999, and has been featured in FILM THREAT, RES Magazine, Ainít It Cool News, Camcorder & Computer Video magazine, Film & Video Magazine,, LA Weekly, the Village Voice, Dynamic Graphics Magazine, Internet Video Magazine, the Short Film Insider, Rewind Video Magazine, and on TECH TV. PJR also contributes to several respected Filmmaking sites as a writer. More info is available at his Official site:


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